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Time is Your most Valuable Asset

Time is your most valuable asset our days. The increasing workload, the  abundance of information and new technologies, Social Media – leads to the situation that we have less and less personal time. 

The only solution is to create internal processes and optimize the office workflows using technologies.

The #DSDApp Technology creates workflows for you – applied by thousands of dental professionals – and offers you a System – that you can integrate easily – to SAVE TIME – the most valuable asset that you posses. Increasing productivity allows you to reduce your and your team daily pressure.  

The Signature of your Work is the Patients Experience!

 Patient’s expectations are different than 10 years ago, and will be different 3 years from now. Social Media changes the perception of dentistry massively. 

Natural Smiles, New Technology, Treatment Experience. Dentistry is not the necessary bad anymore! It is live style, it is beauty, it is fashion. Patients start to understand how important it is to have a beautiful, natural smile, that gives back CONFIDENCE

Patient Documentation

The Patient Documentation is POWERFUL, VALUABLE only if its ACCESSIBLE to the whole team: 

  • anytime
  • anywhere
  • easily

Aesthetic Projects & Smile Design

Smile Simulation or 3D Smile Design  – create Aesthetics  based on Facial Flow and DSD protocols, facial driven smiles, facial harmony.

Patients start to understand the importance of facial harmony. 

The #DSDApp offers you complete workflows and structured procedures – follow them to increase productivity and predicability.    

TeamWork & Communication

TeamWork – connect the case with all your team and specialists. The Patient Doc. and the Aesthetic Projects are available for review, collaboration and editing.

Collective Intelligence is the way to create the best treatment plannings, exchange experience, discuss the case with the asynchronous communication options of the #DSDApp encrypted  chat. 

Get Digital

Use the power of digital dentistry to visualize the proposed treatment plan, motivate your patient and deliver 100% predictable results.

  • Digitalize your patient 
  • Motivate with smile simulations and 3D smile designs created with the most modern concepts of smile designs: Facial Flow, AI, Facial Analysis, Smile Frame, Smile Donators, Copy Paste Dentistry
  • Connect your team with the DSDApp file management platform 
  • Interact with specialists, discuss, analyse the case and create the best treatment plan using the DSDApp Virtual Study Club
Dental Professionals Using DSDApp
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Weekly Smile Designs

Digitalize Your Patient

Cloud dentistry – Patient Documentation is only powerful when is accessible anytime – anywhere – and  connected with everyone involved in the case. 

DSDApp helps you digitalize your patient in order to provide them with the best possible treatment plan available. Your digital patient becomes your canvas. Visualize different aesthetic outcomes and show your patient the interactive part of digital dentistry. Try various treatment plans while involving the patients, giving them a more personalized experience.

Design Irresistible Smiles

DSDApp helps you create beautiful smile designs that enchant your patients within 5-minutes. One Appointment and your patient becomes your biggest FAN.
  • Easy to Use
  • Share with your patient an emotional presentation
  • Keep your patient’s enthusiasm high!

Deliver 100% Predictable Results

Bring life to your smile design by transforming  your simulation into a 3D smile design. Afterwards, test-drive the smile by mock-up or DSD Shells and proceed with manufacturing in your CAM software. Experience the chair-side DSDApp integrated workflow that saves you time and costs.

TeamWork & Communication

TeamWork – connect  your team of specialists and the Lab with the case. The Patient Doc. and the Aesthetic Project are available for review and edit.

Collective Intelligence is the way to create the best treatment plannings, exchange experience, discuss the case with the asynchronous communication options of the #DSDApp encrypted  chat.

Own the Project –  your team can review the files, open the aesthetic projects, edit and save a new version of the project. 

#DSDAppCloudDentistry Platform offers us a new opportunity – using CI (collective intelligence) to treatment plan in a  new and unique way – connected to specialists – accessing the digital patient and its aesthetic projects on the DSDApp Communication Platform.  

With the DSDApp You:

Predicable Results through optimized workflows & procedures

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