Transform Smile Simulations into reality

with Chair Side 3D Design

Transforming your harmonic smile design into reality has never been easier or more convenient. In the integrated 3D feature, you have full control over your facially-driven design to help improve the communication with your lab and deliver what you promised.

Smile Test Drive with Shells


Transform your smile design into reality

Fast & Chairside

Reduce turnaround time and number of appointments

100% Predictability

Improve communication with your lab and give your patients what you promised

Create Mock-Ups
in one Hour

Improve your office efficiency today

What is 3D Design?

3D modeling a process that helps engineers create a prototypes prior to the manufacturing of final products just how architects build maquettes prior to any construction. When applied to dentistry, a 3D project is the process of using digital technology to help dental practitioners and patients test design and functionality of the treatment ahead of any procedure. Once the prototype is tested, practitioners can proceed to manufacturing the final restorations.

What is the outcome of 3D Design?

Designing in 3D environment helps improve efficiency and predictability. Practitioners are able to simplify and speed up the process of creating motivational mockups or DSD Shells. 3D project increases dramatically the predictability of the final results and enables dental technicians to import the 3D project into the lab CAM software to manufacture predictable final restorations as designed.

How to design 3D with DSDApp?

To design in a 3D environment, impression data must be translated digitally. The data can be collected from an intra-oral scanner or translated from a desktop scanner. The data is then merged with the patient’s facial images and 3D facial scan to create a digital patient. Once calibrated, you can create facially driven aesthetic treatments to deliver the best plan to the patient. Combining orofacial analyis, facial flow and anatomy

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