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What is DSD?

The DSD Concept, developed by Christian Coachman, seeks to present a holistic, natural approach to smile design while also improving precision and accuracy by using the most advanced technologies to date.

What is DSDApp?

DSDApp is a precise and quick tablet application used to aid dentists in designing a natural, harmonious smile for their patients by using the latest mobile and cloud technologies. A perfect smile can be designed in just 5-7 minutes.

How can I download the DSDApp?​

You can download the DSDApp by clicking on the link below for the designated device.

iPad version

iPhone version

What iOS devices is the DSDApp compatible with?​

The DSDApp is compatible with iPhone and iPad from the year 2015 or later. To ensure the best user experience, please have the latest iOS version installed on the device. 

The DSDApp is not compatible with iPad mini. 

Is the DSDApp available for Android devices?

The DSDApp is not available for Android devices. We aim to provide an exceptional user experience. We have tested the DSDApp on several mobile operating systems and have determined the app works best on iOS devices. 

How much does the DSDApp cost?

The cost of the app varies depending on the subscription plan chosen. To view pricing, please click here.

What's the latest version of DSDApp?

The current version of DSDApp for iPad is v.1.9.3 and requires iOS 12 or newer.

The current version of DSDApp for iPhone is 1.2 and requires iOS 12 or newer.

How do I update DSDApp?

If an update to DSDApp is available, you should be able to easily download it through the Updates tab of the App Store on your iPad or iPhone. If you’re not sure whether you’re up to date, you can check your current version by tapping the menu bar (looks like a hamburger 🍔) in the top left corner of the app. At the bottom you will see “DSD” and the version you currently have installed.

How do I use DSDApp?

We love learning but most importantly, we love teaching  our users how to use our app. We offer tons of resources for users to become a DSDApp Pro at every type of learning style. Whether you prefer videos, scripted tutorials, webinars, hands-on classes or step-by-step instruction, we try our best to provide you with information that will help you succeed.

We encourage you to explore our learn section on our website. There, you will find a library of videos, manuals and information to help you become a DSDApp Pro.

How quickly can I create a smile design?

Once pictures are taken, you can upload the images and complete a smile design for your patient in as quickly as 5 minutes.

The app says that I am signed in on another device. I'm trying to work on a case for my patient. What can I do?

The app will not let you log in to a new device unless you log out of an old one. If you have trouble fixing the issue, please send us a support e-mail and we can manually log you out of all devices.

How do I make changes to my subscription?

To make changes or cancel, please log in to your account through the website. Once logged in, click “subscription history” from the menu options and make your changes.

How does DSDApp collect information?

When you visit our page, application and use our services, you trust us with your personal information. We are committed to protecting your personal information and your right to privacy. To view our policy please click here.

Why isn't the DSDApp working on my device?

Many of the additions and changes in the latest version of DSDApp are based on the latest iOS technologies. If you have problems updating DSDApp, make sure your iOS version is up to date.

What to do if DSDApp crashes on your iPad?

If you experience a crash, let us know on the DSDApp or send an email to

If you can include your iPad model, iOS version, and DSDApp version in your email, this can assist us greatly in solving your problem.

A crash could be the result of your iPad running out of memory or not meeting the system requirements. iOS gives developers a limited amount of RAM to play with. If you have lots of apps running in the background, your iPad will try to terminate those apps to free up RAM. If that’s still not enough, iOS will close DSDApp and return to Springboard. Don’t worry – this isn’t a bug – it’s a method of protection employed by iOS to stop an app from locking up and crashing your whole device. Thanks to DSDApp’s autosave feature, you can just open DSDApp again and keep going where you left off.

If you are experiencing repeated crashes of DSDApp due to memory shortage, try to restart your iPad by following these instructions provided by Apple. Crashes can occur more often on older iPads with less memory. If possible, upgrading to a newer iPad with more memory may mitigate this problem.

Jailbroken devices are more prone to crashing than a standard iOS environment. This can be because you have extra processes and extensions running in the background that take precious resources away from DSDApp. They can also try to add extra functionality to DSDApp and cause all kinds of errors trying to do things that it wasn’t made to do. If this is you, disable all of your extras and turn them on one by one to find the problem.

To minimize the frequency of jettisons, there are a couple of things you can do:

  1. Try clearing your apps from multitasking (double tapping the Home button, then swiping each app upward to close)
  2. Every now and then, give your iPad a reboot (hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds).
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