Everything you need to present the best treatment plan and increase your case acceptance rate.

Smile Simulation Goals

Show your patient how their smile can transform their life.

Improve Communication

Personalize your smile design approach by inviting your patient to be a co-designer.

Facially Driven Designs

Create unique smile designs that account for personality, facial features and goals.

Simple Smile Simulations + 3D Transformation

5 simple steps to design smiles. All you need is one picture to
motivate your patient to accept your proposed treatment plan.

Patients experience is your Expert Signature

1. Digitalize

Take a frontal facial smiling photo using the DSDApp camera on the iPhone or iPad and calibrate the image by marking the position of the left and right distal of the central incisors and the incisal edge.

2. Design

Position the smile frame to the desired restoration position. Determine the desired ratio proportion of the teeth by analyzing the patient’s facial structure.

3. Transform

Transforming your harmonic smile design into reality has never been easier or more convenient. In the integrated 3D feature, you have full control over your facially-driven design to help improve the communication with your lab and deliver what you promised.

4. Deliver

Your patient wants to know they’re in good hands. DSDApp helps you see outcome before beginning the treatment, creating greater acceptance and building trustful relationships.

Teamwork Feature - DSDApp

5. Share your final project

Optimizing the communication between your internal and external team members has never been easier. Share your files, improve designs and treatment plans seamlessly. With the DSDApp, you are able to collaborate with your team members on a case by case basis to ensure precise results as you promised your patient.

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