How digital planning will benefit me and my patients in 2021 – Part 2


Dr. Diogo Alves (Head Instructor) 

Last Updated: December 28th, 2020

“The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”  This quote by Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw reflects a lot on our clinical day-to-day.

It is likely that you have experienced situations as those expressed in the quote above in your professional career. Perhaps a patient, a fellow dentist, or your lab technician has misinterpreted your requirements for a certain patient procedure, thereby delaying the flow of the treatment plan itself.

You thought you had relayed the message properly, both verbal and in writing, but the message in fact was not fully understood.

So how do you improve communication tactics in your practice to make the process a more efficient one for all those involved?

1. Talk to your patients and show them what you understand from their wishes through a smile simulation.

Before involving others in your treatment plan, rather a dentist or dental technician, talk to your patients and show them through a smile simulation what the end result of the treatment can become, without complicated jargon or language.

DSDApp Smile Simulation - Before and After

(Depicted in Before photo – the patient has composite restorations to close diastemas) 

(Depicted in After photo – a smile simulation showing the proposed porcelain veneers)

2. Clinical and complementary exams aimed at the final result.

Through your clinical knowledge, take a few minutes to understand the best path and treatment plan to reach the final result that you and your patient agreed to in the previous stage. With the smile design in mind, the evaluation of complementary exams becomes more strategic and efficient in your favor.

(DSDApp’s iPhone Digital Workflow)

3. Share your clinical conclusion with more confidence.

With more structured written and visual documentation and communication, the chances of errors decrease, leading everyone to successful planning. The DSDApp software has a selection of natural teeth from Jan Haito, which you can choose and customize in a simple and intuitive way. These natural teeth are available among major CAD companies used by many digital dental technicians such as ExoCad, 3Shape, & Nemotec to name a few. This significantly facilitates communication with your laboratory for the manufacturing of prosthetic units.

DSDApp - Smile Design Tool
DSDApp Smile Design Tool

Patient with final Porcelain Veneers

When you focus on these three tips, your leadership in the treatment and communication plan will be more accurate and easier to understand.

Start enhancing your practice’s digital workflow and show more patients what’s possible through digital planning technology. 

To see how these features can transform your designs, check out our step-by-step tutorial.

To see how these features can transform your designs, check out our step-by-step tutorial.

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