How digital planning will benefit me and my patients in 2021 – Part 1


Dr. Diogo Alves (Head Instructor) 

Tatiana Mendoza (Marketing Manager)

Last Updated: December 02nd, 2020

Digital Workflow

We went through a year that took us on a roller coaster of emotions. We had to adapt our workflow to a type of dentistry that was not in our thoughts before. We crossed several obstacles, and today we are here, at the end of a year that showed us that we are stronger than we imagined. You are a winner.

In 2021, I want to invite you to hand over your clinical vision to new goals. A methodology that will expand your clinical knowledge for digital backward treatment planning and that will develop a better understanding of what is being planned for your patient, dental technicians, and other dentists involved in the plan.

Generate Smile

Today, we can say that digital dentistry has become increasingly accessible to dentists, and through them, the excellence of your clinical knowledge becomes even more valuable.

Starting your treatment plan with the final aesthetic vision leads you to visualize the planned diagnosis to obtain  better orofacial harmony.  See in the example below, how this reversed planning that involves periodontal / restorative treatment can be done:

Understanding your patient’s facial and dental structures will help you make more concrete decisions to deliver more conservative, aesthetic, and harmonious treatments. One of the points to be evaluated are the interpupillary line, occlusal plane, dental midline, and facial line of your patient. DSDApp automatically calibrates the picture for you and analyzes the patient’s features with the help of artificial intelligence to yield a more precise design.

The next step is to create a smile simulation based on your patient’s wishes and your clinical perspective to suggest the best option for your patient.

With the help of the DSDApp smile frame you quickly identify different possibilities for the proposed treatment and educate your patient and other dentists to better identify how to proceed with the planning through clinical and complementary exams.

Smile Harmony

Selecting teeth for future restorations is also possible through the DSDApp smile library, which allows the patient to customize his smile with tooth shapes that attract them best and to identify those that best suit him through the digital smile simulation.

Smile Donator

With this visual and diagnostic knowledge, the clinical prognosis becomes more reliable and accurate as in the example of periodontal surgery below.

Clinical solutions can be achieved when we find a balance between what we envision for our patients and what they want to achieve through our work.

Involve your patients in the treatment plan process using visual communication. Start your smile designs with DSDApp today click here to purchase

To see how these features can transform your designs, check out our step-by-step tutorial.

To see how these features can transform your designs, check out our step-by-step tutorial.

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