A Structured Way to Get to Know Your Patient

In our previous post we spoke about Investing in the Future of Your Practice and the importance of staying current with the tools and resources shaping today’s digital sphere. Today we want to share with you an insight on how adopting DSDApp into your dental workflow positions you for success (short-term and long-term), starting with the benefits of patient digitalization. 

What is patient digitalization?

The importance of a thorough and complete patient documentation is essential in beginning a comprehensive oro-facial analysis and treatment planning, but what exactly is patient digitalization, and what do you accomplish by doing it?

Patient digitalization allows you to:

1. Visualize your patient

No one case is the same. By capturing all aspects of your patient’s facial structure and oral health via images, videos and intra oral scans you gain a deeper understanding of the patient’s situation. When you share the documentation with specialists, technicians, and other team members, everyone that comes in contact with the files looks at the patient holistically for better treatment-planning .

2. Strengthen doctor-patient communication

By digitizing the patient you can create multiple smile designs and treatment options, visualize the options for the patient, making the process completely transparent. And what’s better than proposing one treatment plan? Proposing multiple treatment plans and allowing the patient to make a decision based on the expected esthetic outcome and not just on their budget. Happy patient, happy dentist!

3. Increase efficiency

Gone are the days of tedious file storing headaches, inbox-diving, and miscommunication between dentists and labs. For the dentist yearning to streamline the dental workflow, by digitizing your patient you’re embracing multi-disciplinary collaboration and cutting on down-time. Keep all your files in one central location (the cloud), accessible to you anytime.

Who can carry out this workflow?

There’s no denying that the future of dentistry is revolving around advancements in digital technologies. Dentists are focusing on other areas of their practice, empowering their dental assistants to become more involved in this part of the digital workflow.  Learn how to perform patient digitalization with DSDApp at our upcoming 20-minute training specifically designed for you, your team members, assistants, and treatment coordinators.

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