Create Better Experiences

Satisfying interactions lead to happier, more engaged patients.

The Power of Patient Experience

The ability to communicate with patients greatly impacts their perception of your practice. Great communication is the foundation of any successful practice. DSDApp is all about helping dental practitioners change perspectives. We believe the growth of your practice lies within your team but most importantly your patients.


Your patient wants to know they're in good hands. DSDApp helps you see outcome before beginning the treatment, creating greater acceptance and building trustful relationships.


It has never been easier to involve your patient to be the co-designer of their new smile using the DSDApp. Positively change their dental experience.


Speak the language of your patients. DSDApp helps you explain the technical procedures that your patient may not understand through visualization.

Weekly smile Designs
& Happy Patients

Engagement that elevate your business


You wouldn’t buy a car without test-driving it. Don’t expect your patient to. Give your patient the power of a Smile Test Drive in as little as one appointment. Show them how their smile can change their life. 

Involve Your Patient

Get on the same page with your patient using DSDApp. Understand what matters to them and how to translate their wishes and needs into a treatment plan that they will instantly accept.

Doctor with DSDApp and Patient


Create multiple treatment plans and discuss with your patient the expected esthetic outcome with each plan. Use DSDApp to show the difference between treatment plans such as crown lengthening, veneers, ortho treatment, implants, and more. Give them the knowledge they need to make the best possible choice with your guidance. 

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