Investing In the Future of Your Practice

Investing In the Future of Your Practice

The rising focus on dental aesthetics and growing consumer awareness about cosmetic dentistry has led to the growth of the global cosmetic dentistry market. A recent study showed that the “market size would grow from USD 18.4 Billion in 2017 to USD 27.5 Billion by 2023, at an estimated CAGR of 6.9%.” That being said, gone are the days where traditional dentistry approaches are seen as the most efficient and effective ways to deliver a patient’s forthcoming treatment results. As the market size grows it’s imperative to stay current with the tools and resources that are shaping today’s digital sphere. 


The use of computer-aided programs to carry out the Digital Smile Design method is streamlining many processes and removing several formerly manual steps that can now be automated. Clinicians are also benefiting from digital integration by improving the way they communicate with their patients, additionally, it’s impacting the way they collaborate with their colleagues on treatment plans.




Getting your practice into a fully integrated digital workflow shouldn’t have to feel unattainable. What was once a multi-program approach (see image below) that required combining a set of technical and artistic skills is now becoming a user-friendly reality with the use of our DSDApp.  We’ve taken the fundamentals in esthetic analysis (facial, dentogingival, and dental esthetics) to better provide you all the perspectives needed to take into consideration before performing esthetic treatments.


Digital Dentistry Workflow


By using DSDApp you join a digital movement that is sure to bring your practice to new heights. All our efforts focus on three values:

✔ a smoother and more flexible workflow
✔ reduced cost and time
✔ high level of predictability

DSDApp powered by Artificial Intelligence-technology, mobile- and cloud-technology, accelerate digital workflows providing you simple, easy to use, chair-side integrated solution. As we move forward into the future of digital dentistry, what new technology are you most anticipating or would like to see?

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