Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The Blame Game

All too often the result of poor dentist-laboratory communication is wasted time, wasted money, and unsatisfied patients. The “blame game” is a scenario that dentists and lab technicians are very well acquainted with when the patients or the dentist is dissatisfied with final-restorations. 

So what are some underlying issues that affect this symbiotic relationship between a dentist and lab? We’ve highlighted five well-known issues below:

  • Lack of or inadequate patient documentation
  • Misunderstanding of patient’s needs between dentist and lab
  • Unclear lab prescription content/instructions
  • Quality of work
  • Turnaround time

Streamlining Communication and Workflow 

Technology is quickly shifting the way dentists and labs are collaborating and more importantly, reducing the likelihood of human error. However, while technology can aid communication efforts, positive-ending results start and end with teamwork.

When labs and dentists incorporate DSDApp into the daily workflow, they can effectively improve the communication and treatment outcome almost instantaneously by using our Teamwork feature. Dentists now have the opportunity to send a complete case documentation and initial Smile Design via DSDApp to their lab. With this information the technician has a clear understanding of the patient’s situation and desired smile. The technician is able to view the patient documentation (photos, videos, etc), review the Smile Design and proceed with the digital wax-up directly in the DSDApp using the pre-selected templates for the desired outcome.  The integrated chat provides dentist and technician the opportunity to communicate on the case, share structured notes and instructions. 

Creating a Win-Win-Win Situation

What’s better than a happy patient? A happy patient, a happy dentist, AND a happy technician! 

By using DSDApp as a collaboration platform between the dentist and lab, you’re able to easily create facially-driven smile designs, plan treatments accurately, and proceed with manufacturing the final-restorations based on the design with the STL export functionality.

Get Digital

The Teamwork feature is available to all Gold members. This feature gives the option to your lab/team to work on the case, add additional files, create notes, treatment plans, adjust the smile designs and much more. DSDApp is for dentists and labs looking to use digital tools to improve their daily workflows, increase the predictability of the final-restorations and at the end to boost the patients’ satisfaction.

Learn how you can implement DSDApp into your daily workflow by scheduling a 30-minute discovery session with our Customer Success team today!

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