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Follow these easy steps to download the latest version of the DSDApp on your iPad.

1) Before you begin, make sure you have an iPad model 2016 or newer running iOS 11 or higher.

2) On your iPad, go to the “App Store,” the same place where you download all iPad Apps

3) On the lower right-hand corner, press the “Search” button. Search for the app using the following title  “DSDApp by Coachman” Please type the name exactly as shown in the image. This is the title for the iPad version. 

4) After you have search for the App and opening the search result, press on the cloud iconto download the App. Then, press “Open” to open the App.

5) After opening the App, you may now log in to the App with your DSDApp credentials and start using the App. If you do not have an account yet, please find our “How to Create an Account” guide in our Support Page.

Download the DSDApp on App Store on your Apple Device and follow the steps.



DSDApp is not available for Android Devices. 

To make changes or cancel your subscription, please contact us by email or call us +1 (786) 713-1168

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