Creating a Smile Design as Unique as Your Patient.

Creating a Smile Design as Unique as Your Patient Authors:  Dr. Diogo Alves (Head Instructor)  Tatiana Mendoza (Marketing Manager) Last Updated: July 24th, 2020 Digital Workflow By now you’ve seen our latest release with AI-Powered Smile Design on iPhone, a … Read More

The facial flow concept: An organic orofacial analysis

Authors: Bruno Pereira Silva, DDS, PhD,a Eduardo Mahn, DDS, PhD,b Kyle Stanley, DDS,c and Cristhian Coachman, DDS, CDT. This article was cited by The Jornal of Prosthetic of Dentistry Dental care includes not only treating oral health but also improving … Read More

Laypersons’ Perception of Facial and Dental Asymmetries

Authors: Bruno Pereira Silva, DMD1/Emilio Jiménez-Castellanos, MD, DDS, PhD2/ Rafael Martinez-de-Fuentes, DMD, PhD3/Joseph R. Greenberg, DMD, FAGD4/ Stephen Chu, DMD, MSD, CDT5 This article was cited by Digital Smile Design There has been an increasing awareness and relevance of facial … Read More

The principles of visual perception and their clinical application to denture esthetics

Authors: Richard E. Lombardi, D.D.S. Seattle, Wash. Complete dentures, this article was cited by Digital Smile Design When the term “esthetic” or “unesthetic” is used, the connotation is that something is seen which is pleasant or unpleasant. This complex process … Read More

Acceptable Deviation between Facial and Dental Midlines in Dentate Population

Authors: N. S. Jayalakshmi, S. Ravindra, K. R. Nagaraj, P. L. Rupesh, and M. P. Harshavardhan J Indian Prosthodont Soc. 2013 Dec. The success of the dental restorations largely depends on its esthetics, although various literature reviews recommend that anterior teeth midline be placed coinciding … Read More

The three types of smile designs in the digital workflow

The Three Types of Smile Designs in the Digital Workflow Authors:  Dr. Diogo Alves (Head Instructor)  Tatiana Mendoza (Marketing Manager) Digital Workflow A digital treatment plan approach is reshaping the way cosmetic and restorative dentistry is being performed. The digital … Read More


Author: Daniel H. Ward, DDS Dental Clinics of North America · February 2001 Philosophers and mathematicians have long been fascinated by the relation­ship between mathematics and nature. The ancient Greek philosopher Pytha­gorus defined a divine or golden proportion, which “explains … Read More

Papilla Proportions in the Maxillary Anterior Dentition

Stephen J. Chu, DMD, MSD, CDT* Dennis P. Tarnow, DDS** Jocelyn H.-P. Tan, DDS*** Christian F. J. Stappert, DDS, MS, PhD**** Two hundred forty interdental papilla sites in 20 healthy patients were investigated. Interdental papilla heights of maxillary anterior teeth … Read More

Dental Restorative Digital Workflow: Digital Smile Design from Aesthetic to Function

by Gabriele Cervino , Luca Fiorillo , Alina Vladimirovna Arzukanyan , Gianrico Spagnuolo and Marco Cicciù  Published: 28 March 2019 Breakthroughs in technology have not been possible without influencing the medical sciences. Dentistry and dental materials have been fully involved in … Read More

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