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Our webinar series are designed to help you learn how to use DSDApp to its’ full potential, regardless of your skill level.

2D Digital Smile Design - DSDApp

Wednesday, 12th February - 08:00 PM

Create smiles using the latest Dental technology in DSDApp

What is a smile if not harmonic with the face? Learn how to create facially driven smile designs in an easy and fast pace way.

Emotional Dentistry Approach - DSDApp


Multidisciplinary Dentistry: Creating treatment options using DSDApp

Create virtual treatment options using your patient’s visual in Digital Smile Design App.

WEDNESDAY, 04TH march - 08:00 PM

Introduction to facially driven smiles

When Nature knows Best . Learn how smile design becomes harmonic with nature when following the facial flow.


WEDNESDAY, 04th MARCH - 08:00 PM

Present treatment options to your patients in less than 10 mins

Learn to Increase your case acceptance rate by showing different treatment options with just 1 picture using this facially driven digital platform.

Digitize Your Patient - DSDApp

WEDNESDAY, 11TH march - 08:00 PM

Showcase treatment plan options to your patient using DSDAPP

Form presentations and increase your case acceptance rate using this simple tool in DSDAPP.

Webinar in GERMAN

WEDNESDAY, 29TH January - 08:00 PM

Plane ein unwiderstehliches Lächeln & verwandle es in die Realität

Lerne, wie Du in wenigen Minuten eine unwiderstehliche Lächeln-Simulation erstellen und Dein Design in die Realität 100% akkurat umsetzen kannst.


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